About Us

At GLAD Enterprises LTD, we’re much the same as your pets – well disposed, fun-loving, and absolutely stand-out. Founded in 2005 we have slowly but steadily grown as a company and we see pets as individuals from the family.

We know how essential the human-creature bond is, so our promise to quality creature care reaches out to each aspect of our business.


Retailers can order directly from our website, add to cart and send. One of our sales team will be in contact.

Individual Orders

Choose your items, add to cart, select from our 2 delivery options by shop or delivery. You will receive an email to confirm.

Terms & Conditions

Orders may be subject to cases and not individual items.
Individual items may be subject to be collected from a shop.
Deliveries may have a fixed day and time.
Frozen goods are not returnable.
Free delivery over €40.00.
Home deliveries are to be prepaid before delivery.
Retailers T&C on client forms.