• RAW Is Best !

    Our raw foods are packed with natural vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and enzymes, with both grain-free and chicken-free options available. Just thaw and serve.


    The Natures Menu raw range includes complete and balanced meals, just meat and mixers. Just choose an option and start your journey into the wonderful world of raw feeding!


    If you would rather add your own fruit, veg and/ or grain to the just meat ranges we recommend that for dogs a meal should be made up of 60% meat, 20% blended vegetables and 20% non-starchy grain such as brown rice or oats and for cats (and dogs who do not eat grain) 80% meat and 20% blended fruit and vegetables.


Natures Menu are proud to be the leading experts in natural and raw dog and cat food. Turning to mother nature for its unrivalled recipes, answers to common well-being issues and a happier, more content pet. Our range of complete and balanced raw meals for dogs provide a convenient and simple way to feed your dog a healthy raw diet every day. With over 30 years of knowledge and expertise making raw and natural pet foods Natures Menu can assure the highest level of safety, palatability and nutrition, creating foods that nourish your dog holistically on all levels; mind, body and soul.

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